Why S.E.E.E.D is effective?

Why S.E.E.E.D is effective?

Most of FIs still not able to create an effective approach to engage with FinTechs within the organization. Some FIs create or participate to VCs or build their incubation centres to speed up engagement. They really help the growth of the FinTech ecosystem and create a robust funding.  However, these kinds of outer structures have weakness of changing culture and transforming the incumbent FIs

S.E.E.E.D is an approach I shaped by my 8 year of experience in innovation management and FinTechs engagement. S.E.E.E.D helps to overcome bottlenecks in the engagement process. Rather than consuming energy fighting against them it targets to create fast tracks with the related parties with involving them.

It ease Fintech engagement/innovation teams, digital teams to partner with business units and sharing the heavy lifting between them

Beside business units it involves stakeholders like legal, it security, procurement from the early stage and prevent losing time and credibility with unforeseen objections from there units in the later stages.

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