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February 2020

January 2020

Why S.E.E.E.D is effective?

Most of FIs still not able to create an effective approach to engage with FinTechs within the organization. Some FIs create or participate to VCs or build their incubation centres to speed up engagement. They really help the growth of the FinTech ecosystem and create a robust funding.  However, these kinds of outer structures...

Sandbox as Service

What Is an API Sandbox? Today’s software architecture relies on APIs as core to the application in much the same way as a database or user interface are considered core components to the architecture. That reliance on APIs means that developers must test the application’s reaction to a variety of API responses. Fundamentally, an API sandbox...

4C1P for Success

In most of the FIs there are 5 power roles which runs the organization which I can summarize as 4C1P means Channel, Customer, Capacity, Control & Product. Channel; channels are the pipelines which you touched to final customer. There are traditional channels like branches or offices or alternative channels like call centres and ATMs and...

How To Apply S.E.E.E.D?

S.E.E.E.D practice is a very effective way to engage with Fintech for the FIs. S.E.E.E.D involves both relevant parties like fintech engagements-innovation teams, digital team, business units, IT, procurement and legal into the process of engaging with Fintechs and speed up the time to market Scout Scouting usually started with an existing demand from business units....


What is S.E.E.E.D?

SEEED is an abbreviation formed from initial letter is of Scout, Engage, Evaluate Experiment and Deploy. SEEED is an approach I created and applied in my 2 years FinTech engagement experience in Emirates NBD which created significant results. SEEED helped to streamline and speed up the engagements with FinTechs


Why FIs need to Engage with FinTechs

The increasing overlap between finance and emerging technologies is driven by technological and digital innovations prompted by customer desires. Financial institutions are moving toward technology, and technology firms are moving toward finance. This phenomenon is one of the essential trends today’s digital economy. This proves the prophecy of the statement which Bill Gates said...