Sandbox as Service

Sandbox as Service

What Is an API Sandbox?

Today’s software architecture relies on APIs as core to the application in much the same way as a database or user interface are considered core components to the architecture. That reliance on APIs means that developers must test the application’s reaction to a variety of API responses.

Fundamentally, an API sandbox is an environment that internal or third-party developers like Fintechs can use to mimic the characteristics of the production environment and create simulated responses from all APIs the application relies on.

Why Sandbox as a Service Needed?

Sandbox is very essential to test reliability of the Fintech solutions and capability of the FinTech. Most of the time Fintech comes with a nice presentation and a demo built in their environment. Due to the nature of the POCs, PoCs are done with a very low level of integration with FIs system

Thanks to API sandbox Fintech solutions can be tested without a great effort of integration but in a wider scope. Also, Sandbox creates productivity and speed. Solutions built in the sandbox could be easily move to UAT environment with a very little throw away.

It is not very wise for each FIs to acquire or built its own sandbox. Tech firms like Oracle could provide this service to FIs to be used in their engagements. Later they can onboard the FinTechs in their ecosystem and run events.

An aggregated sandbox of bank APIs could be very useful where there is no open banking infrastructure. This is service which also individual FinTechs or FinTechs hubs could benefit. As far as I know DAPI is working in such a sandbox for FinTechs.

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