Reports and Whitepapers

March 2020

32 Fintech Ecosystem Maps from Around the World (updated)

 Jan 2020 The global fintech ecosystem continues to grow at a significant pace. New startups are appearing and getting funded each week in countries all over the world. Some have local aspirations, other global. But typically, these startups sprout up in a specific place and grow from there. Keeping track of this rapid growth can be a challenge. So, many regional...

February 2020

CB Insight Global FinTech Report Q3

Summary of findings Q3’19 fintech funding topped $8.9B, a quarterly record when adjusting for Ant Financial’s$14B investment in Q2’18: As of Q3, fintech has raised $24.6B in 2019, already surpassing 2017’s annual total. Funding grew on the back of 19 $100M+ rounds worth approximately $4B in Q3’19. Deals rebounded slightly in Q3’19 but are likely...