4C1P for Success

4C1P for Success

In most of the FIs there are 5 power roles which runs the organization which I can summarize as 4C1P means Channel, Customer, Capacity, Control & Product.

Channel; channels are the pipelines which you touched to final customer. There are traditional channels like branches or offices or alternative channels like call centres and ATMs and digital channels like mobile and web.

Customer; Customers are the main source of revenue usually business units like retail, wholesale own the customers within the segmented approach. However, in digital world customer segments based on wealth are becoming less meaningful where behaviours collected by channels are becoming more important

Control; Controlling something always give supreme power on the others. There where times  being an auditor was the most prestigious roles in banking which it reduced in last 10 years. Beside Audit, compliance, operational risk, CFO and procurement units are usual holders of control power. However, in digital world customer experience and design is becoming an important element to control.

Capacity; Capacity is the most liquid power and usually every unit is fighting for to get a share for its projects. In % 99 of the FIs main holder of capacity is IT units. Also, in some organizations their R&D or lab units which holds it own capacity for creating innovative solutions which are not business as usual.

Product; Products are the materialized touch points to customers. Same product could be sold in different channels and different customers. However, in most of the traditional banks products belongs to business units which formed by the customer segments. This approach could be effective to manage but also has weakness in holistic view of the products in terms of customer experience.

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